​Laboratory of Fungal Ecology and Systematics

FAPESP grants


Collaborative research: Dimensions US-São Paulo: integrating phylogeny, genetics, and chemical ecology to unravel the tangled bank of the multipartite fungus-farming ant symbiosis (2019-2024) - Thematic grant


Parasites in ant gardens: exploring host parasite interactions in fungus farming ants (2018-2020) - Sprint grant


Host-specificity and mechanisms of action of Escovopsis parasites found in the gardens of attine ants (2017-2019) - Regular grant


Phylogeny of fungal parasites in gardens of attine ants (2015-2017) - Regular grant


DNA barcoding and biotechnological potential of microfungi associated with leaf-cutting ants (2012-2014) - Young Investigators Awards



CNPq grant


Comunidades bacterianas auxiliadoras da fungicultura das formigas atíneas (2019-2021) - Chamada Universal